Sunday, November 20, 2011

Research Practice

"The number of obese young persons in the United States tripled from 1980 to 2000, with similar trends in other countries…Overweight children often become overweight adults. Obesity in adults increases the likelihood of cardiovascular risk factors, including metabolic syndrome" (Spoitta and Luma 2008).
Spiotta, R., & Luma, G. (2008). Evaluating obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents. American Family Physician, 78(9), 1052-8. Retrieved from

This quote comes from an article in which the authors discuss how obesity in children can lead to cardiovascular issues in adulthood. I found this article to be relevant to my research topic on obesity because it shows the problems obesity in childhood can have once they reach adulthood. In my paper, I think I would use this quote to explain the different negative effects of obesity, and also provide information from the article on ways to prevent childhood obesity, which were discussed later in the article. I think this source is very credible because it is a primary source and the author backs up her statements with evidence from research.
"Cristol's study concluded that there was some association between economic status and obesity rates particularly in the Chinese population. Children of affluent Chinese parents were more likely to be obese than were children of parents unable to purchase energy rich foods. In contrast Cristol concluded that obesity in the U.S. was more prevalent among children living in low income families. The author suggested that even poorer children in affluent countries can still afford to overeat and they are either unaware of healthier alternatives or are aware yet choose to ignore the alternatives" (Byington 2009).

Byington, R., Keene, S., & Samples, D. (2009). An Epidemiological Overview Of Pediatric Obesity: A Global Perspective Of A Growing Problem. Internet Journal Of World Health & Societal Politics, 6(2), 4.

I am choosing to use this review in my research paper because it gives possible causes for childhood obesity and reasons behind why children in America as well as other developed countries are becoming obese. I'm a little uncertain if this is classified as a credible source, mostly because it's labeled as a literature review, so it is not a primary source document. I'm wondering if I need to go back and research the actual studies that concluded the findings.  However, I like how in this article the author gives multiple studies and different findings that correlate with obesity, such as low socioeconomic status, family expectations, traditional dietary beliefs, and knowledge about food and disease.

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